Flights to Germany Take You to a Destination in the Heart of Europe

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Attractions in Germany

Germany in the heart of Europe, is a land of unique culture and heritage. Discover the majestic beauty of castles and palaces, fascinating museums, experience the wine and beer festivals, and the music of some of the world's most famous composers.

One of Germanys largest attractions is the Oktoberfest in Munich, the world's largest festival, with 6 million people eating sausage and sauerkraut, drinking beer, and joining in song. Celebrate in 14 different beer halls, including the Hofbräuhaus , the most famous beer hall in the world.

Beyond Munich is Bavaria, a picture-perfect landscape with stunning lakes, mythical forests and snow-capped mountain peaks. Travel down the 'Romantic Road to see the best of Bavaria, including Bavaria's dream castle, Neuschwanstein in the Alps, designed by a theatrical set designer, making it the most photographed building in Germany.

Other cultural attractions in Bavaria include the Landshut Wedding historical pageant, the Oberammergau Passion Plays and Nuremberg’s Christmas market.

Germany's Cities

Berlin has been central to many of the greatest events in world history, with many buildings and monuments commemorating these events. Reichstag, the seat of the German Parliament is one of Berlin’s most famed landmarks. Another is the Brandenburg Gate, a national symbol for Germany. Built in 1791, the gate was a symbol of peace.

Weimar in the East of Germany, a city that is the centre of German art and culture, and home of many great literary, music, and artistic figures of the past. Here you can find Goethe Square, Schiller House, and St.Peter and Paul (Herder church), where the philosopher Herder worked as court preacher and Bach as organist. Weimar is also the origins of the revolutionary Bauhaus design movement.

Cologne, a city rebuilt after WWII is a cultural centre, with the Cologne Cathedral being the city's most important architectural feature, most popular attraction, and the only building to survive the bombing. Other major attractions include the world-class museums, numerous theatres, the Philharmonic and Opera House.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany, modern and cosmopolitan, and an ideal place to base yourself for many day trips to sights such as Heidelberg and the Rhine Valley.

Germany is where East meets West and a land of rich culture. You may be interested in some of the sights above so Contact Us if you need help and suggestions with your travel arrangements to Germany and destinations beyond.