Flights Direct New Zealand - Booking Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All travellers booking on this site agree to and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

1) Names

Must be as per the travellers' passport.

a) All name, date or other changes after booking and before ticketing must be rebooked by us and a fee of $50 per person will be charged plus any ticketing and airline fees. Any change after ticketing will be at the airlines discretion. This may mean that the original fare is forfeited and needs to be rebooked and paid for again with no refund on the original. Harsh but these are the airline rules.

2) Passports, Visas and Innoculations

It is the travellers' responsibility to be in possession of all relevant visas, NZ re-entry visas, innoculations and a valid passport (some countries require you have at least 6 months validity left when you depart from that country).

a) Travellers via the USA must have a machine readable passport.

b) Some passengers transiting Australia ( even for an hour or two ) may require a transit visa.

c) Passengers with a criminal record may be denied entry to some countries. Please check with the relevant Embassy before booking.

d) Foreign passport holders require a visa to enter Australia. They also require a reentry visa to re enter NZ.

The USA visa waiver programme applies to citizens of selected countries travelling on specified airlines. From 12 Jan 09 it is mandatory for any passenger travelling to the USA to complete their Visa Waiver Form online at This may be done at anytime but not later than 72 HOURS before travel It does not apply if you intend to work (paid or unpaid) or study in the USA. Maximum stay 90 days. Must show a return ticket and have funds available for the whole stay. It does not apply if you have been deported, arrested, convicted, have a communicable disease, have ever been a member of a terrorist organization or the Nazi party. NOTE this is not a complete list so please check with the US Embassy before paying for your tickets.This includes drink driving convictions. Failure to comply may mean you are denied entry and will be returned at your cost to the country you arrived from.

3) Deposits, Amendment Fees, Refunds

Deposits ($100 per person) are non refundable and payable within 7 days. Supplier deposits are additional and subject to the suppliers' terms and conditions. We charge amendment fees (minimum $30 per person per change) to cover the additional time taken to change a booking. Suppliers and airlines may also charge a fee. Refunds are at the discretion of the supplier or airline. All cancellation fees charged to us will be passed on to you plus our fees (minimum $50 per person). Many fares are non refundable. Refunds may take many months for the airline to process. Refunds are paid to you only after we receive the funds from the airline or supplier. Commissions earned by us are non refundable.

4) Payment and Costs

Airfare increases, currency fluctuations and Government imposed taxes are beyond our control therefore costs quoted are subject to change until paid in full. Costs quoted are for cash, eftpos, bank cheque or direct credit to our account. If a credit card payment is not acceptable to an airline then we may accept credit card payment but the discount reflected in our pricing will be reduced. If payment is not received from the credit card company designated by you then you agree to pay us all amounts owing on demand. This includes any ticketing and / or cancellation fees.

Additional fees may apply if airlines are required to issue (e.g.) a paper ticket for an infant . Often these tickets come from overseas and costs are involved in getting the ticket issued. Additionally we may incurr fees by ticketing agents to have tickets issued , changed or cancelled. these will be passed on to the client.

Because of recent cases of fraud, credit card payments require the following:

a) a copy of both sides of the credit card showing the numbers and signature.

b) copy of the passport showing a photo and signature.

c) written and signed authority to charge the card for the amount owing.

5) Ticket Deadlines

We are required to adhere to airline ticket deadlines and advance booking conditions. Failure to pay on time may result in the airline canceling the booking. This will require us to rebook the fare at whatever fare is currently available.

NOTE: The seats may have already been resold by the airline and not be available at the original price.

Bookings may be cancelled at our discretion and without notice.

Bookings made on our "Book a flight" section require full payment by credit card immediately.

Bookings made outside of normal business hours may be ticketed the next business day at the fare applicable for sales on that day.

6) Credit Card fees

Some airlines are charging fees for usung a credit card as payment . These fees where charged may be passed on to the cardholder from time to time and will be charged separately

7) Third Party Information

Links to third party sites are for information only. We accept no responsibility for errors in any information provided.

8) Agent Status

We act as an agent only and will not accept responsibility or liability for any failure, delay or omission on the part of any third party supplier in providing products or services to you where the booking has been properly processed by us.

9) Legal Claims

Your use of this website, your booking request and the contract between you and us is subject to New Zealand law and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand. If you are not located in New Zealand we will not be liable for any breach of any foreign legislation, code, or directive as a result of you using our services or purchasing any travel products or services of third party suppliers made available through this website.

All Information on this website is subject to change or amendment at any time without notice.

All matters and transactions in relation to this site are governed by the laws of New Zealand and will be settled in New Zealand under New Zealand law.