Flights to Israel, Travel to a Holy Destination

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Flights to Israel generally arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) 12 km from Tel Aviv, the airport is also close to Jerusalem. The other major airport is Odva, 40 km north of Eilat. Travel is generally quite safe as security is tight.

Generally it's best to travel to Israel during the spring (April to May) or in autumn, (September to October. Summertime temperatures can be extreme, and winter months can be wet.

Israel, A Land of Contrasts

Israel , as a holiday destination is a compact land from Mt Masada and the Negev desert to the resort beaches of Eilat in the south. From old Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, the contrast is huge. As a Jewish state there are many holidays associated with the Jewish calendar throughout the year,

Old Jerusalem

Jerusalem, a city with a 3000 year old history of spiritual significance, sacred to the three great faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The old city and its ancient walls are a UNESCO World Heritage site full of holy sites for all three religions. A highlight of the Jewish quarter within the Old city is the Western Wailing Wall.

Two great museums are worth a visit, the Israel Museum, where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept and the Yad Vashem, dedicated to the Holocaust.

Tel Aviv- A Modern City

This vibrant city of all night discos, sophisticated restaurants has a youthful vibe. The city's center is the main metropolitan and shopping area. Jaffa, one of the world's oldest port, with a network of restored alleys contains some of the best sights, including the Franciscan church of St Peters and the Wishing Bridge.

Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beach is popular during summer, as are the water parks(Luna Park) and Meimadyon. Festivals run through the summer months, and the theatre offers a huge selection of shows, including alternative options.

Top Sights in Israel

Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus is now an Arab city of winding lanes and archaic churches. The Jesus hiking trail to Capernaum, commences from Nazareth and takes in many Christian sites in Galilee. The Galilee region with the Sea of Galilee, is a beautiful highland, with much Christian history, and ancient cities.

The Nativity Trail takes you from Galilee to Bethlehem.

Masada is a mountain fortress overlooking the Dead Sea, the site of a infamous Roman seige, resulting in the mass suicide of the inhabitants.

Caesarea Maritim is a magnificent archaeological site, built by Herod, and ruins of the port look over the sea.

Eliat on the Red Sea in the south, is a seaside resort, with a energetic nightlife.