Italy - A Truly Diverse Holiday Destination

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Travel to Italy and you find a land of contrasts and history, that boasts some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Europe. Add to that the authentic cuisine and the rich heritage of art treasures, and you will find Italy is a destination to linger in.

Regions of Italy

Northwest Italy features some of the most amazing coastline and the province of Liguria is the Riveria region of the country. The charming fishing villages and secluded coves among the cliffs in Cinque Terre are a favourite destination. The beautiful Italian Alps are a summer and winter playground, and include Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain, and Mount Rosa.

Venice in Northeast Italy, is one of the most romantic and unique cities in the world, with its world famous canals and bridges, striking buildings and gondolas. Bologna is another famous university city, rivalling Venice for its beauty and known for its cuisine.

In Central Italy, Rome is one of the world's major tourist destinations, with evidence of the great Roman Empire everywhere. With huge open piazzas and lovely fountains, millennium-old churches and basilicas, ancient aqueducts and Roman ruins, like the Colosseum, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage. Tour the Vatican, or visit the Etruscan Museum, one of Rome's most impressive museums. Florence in the Tuscany countryside, is the Renaissance city and was Europe's most important cultural centre during the 14th to 16th centuries. Considered the birthplace of opera, the city is filled with famous art, culture, architecture and museums.

In Southern Italy is Naples, a stunning city on the Gulf of Naples with the dormant volcano, Mount Vesuvius dominating the landscape. Nearby is the lost city of Pompeii, buried after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79. Large sections of the excavated city are open to the public, and give an insight into the life of the inhabitants, and the city.

Italy's Islands

Sicily, Italy's most famous sun drenched Mediterranean island, renowned for ancient Greek temples, mountainous seascapes, the best food and wine, and Europe's greatest natural wonder, Mount Etna.

Sardinia, is another beautiful Mediterranean island, with medieval towns, quiet pastoral scenes and temples and tombs amidst the countryside, but most famous for its white sandy beaches.